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WHEREAS, we at Bethany Lutheran Church since January 2003 have prayerfully studied the "Journey together Faithfully" materials on human sexuality offered by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ("ELCA") and conducted discussions thereon; and

WHEREAS, we have heard from medical and theological professionals, individuals serving on ELCA committees on human sexuality, a voting member who participated in the 2001 ELCA Church wide Assembly, which called upon the ELCA to commission a study on human sexuality and develop a social statement on the subject, members of local congregations who have declared themselves to be Reconciling in Christ, and homosexual members of a local congregation; and

WHEREAS, we have studied Bible texts for the guidance they offer regarding the gift of human sexuality and abuses of that gift; and

WHEREAS; our prayers, discussions and studies have called us to advocate for greater inclusiveness in our welcome to membership at Bethany Lutheran Church;


BE IT RESOLVED by the members of The Evangelical Lutheran Bethany Church of Seattle that as a community of God striving to be open to all people, we welcome all to join us as a we struggle to better understand the mysteries of God's teachings. We are challenged by Christ to care for, to love, to understand, and to listen to each other, regardless of race, age, gender, marital status, physical and mental abilities, sexual/affectional orientation, national origin or economic status. We celebrate together our unity as God's people.
Bethany Lutheran Church is a place for all people to shine in their own unique gifts; and

RESOLVED FURTHER that by way of taking action on the above resolution, The Evangelical Lutheran Bethany Church of Seattle will declare itself to be a Reconciling in Christ Congregation.