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In 2004 Bethany’s FarmShare program took on two needy families, furnishing them with fresh produce from Duffield Farm in exchange for our volunteer labor on the Farm. At the end of that growing season, one of the families told us that without the food from FarmShare, they didn’t have enough to eat.

Bethany members began purchasing fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis to be sent to this family until the local growing season returned.

For the summer of 2005, FarmShare purchased a produce certificate from Whistling Train Farm to furnish fresh produce for this family.

Now we are once again in the off-season. Without our weekly help, Hoa and her family haven’t enough to eat. Hoa works full time, but she cannot earn enough to support a family of four. Her family is part of America’s working poor. She has told us that without Bethany’s help, she doesn’t know how her family would manage.

Bethany has made a commitment to Hoa and her family. We need to continue to honor that commitment.

Sign the sheet in the Narthex to bring produce for Hoa and her family on one or more upcoming Sundays. Select at least 3 fruits and 3 vegetables. Purchase enough to serve 4 people. A 10# bag of potatoes and a bag of brown rice would also be welcome.